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Nature’s Crossing – Herbal Consultations

If you are looking for a way to empower yourself in your healing journey and overall wellness, an herbal consultation may be just the thing to help you along the way. The consultations is designed to offer you a variety of tools and a deeper understanding of what options may be available to you as you decide how your strengthen or healing is going to begin. Discovering nourishing foods, exercises, herbs, and essential oils are just some of the tools you can choose to utilize in this process. Helping you become fully informed as you make the best decisions for your very individual situation are part of the foundations of your consultation visit.

What to Expect

Consultations are on average from 30 minutes to an hour in duration. Initial visits may last longer depending on your needs. Together we will look at your health history, dietary, and lifestyle practices, overall health, and any other factors related to the reason for the consultation. We will look at your situation from a place of a whole person instead of dealing with just the symptoms. We will work together to create a week by week program that will set you up for success, as you begin your journey.

After your session you may receive a suggestion for a custom formulation from our in house Herbal Store, located on site. This may be a tea, tincture, essential oil, or salve. You may be in need of a nutritional plan that we can work through together. In order for any of the recommendations to work they must fit into your lifestyle. This is why we will work together to find a plan that will best work for your health.

About Me:

My name is Tammy Galyon. I have studied the following: Master Herbalist, Natural and Holistic Remedies, Nutritional Therapy, Nutritional Therapy – Weight Loss Management, and Nutritional Therapy – Genetics vs. Environment.

I started my journey to empower myself. I had been undergoing many medical treatments and wanted to take some of the control back. I wanted to understand the factors that went into my own health and well being. In doing so, I fell in love with being able to help others overcome their fears and empower themselves to take control of their own health. I think one of the biggest lessons I had to learn along the way is, It takes time and a conscious effort to achieve your overall goals. This is why I believe in small goals that lead up to the overall success of achieving the larger goal. I will work with you to help and encourage you as you meet each small goal and sometimes have set backs. The thing to remember is to keep trying and working towards your goals.

At Nature’s Crossing Health and Beauty we believe in working with your health care practitioner and not against. We would never recommend that you do not consult your practitioner about any lifestyle change you undertake. I will provide you with a written plan that you can share with any other care practitioner.


Initial Consultation - $50

Follow up visits - $30

Any herbal recommendations, teas, tinctures, oils, or salves are not included in the price of the consultations, and they are suggestions not a requirement to continue the plans.

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