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My name is Tammy Galyon and I opened Nature's Crossing Health and Beauty to share the knowledge that I have learned. I myself have suffered from many illnesses and chronic problems. I have been in and out of the hospital with multiple medications, surgeries, and treatments that have caused as much damage to my body as they healed. I am by no way saying not to go to a doctor because, with out them, I may not be here today. After years of pain and suffering, I took control and went back to school. I have completed training in Master Herbalist, Holistic Healing with Herbs, Nutritional Therapy, Nutritional Therapy Genetics vs Hereditary, Nutritional Therapy - Weight loss Management, and Aroma Therapy. What I provide is natural alternatives to some of the modern treatments. These treatments have worked for me and I enjoy sharing the knowledge and helping others discover a natural way to heal.

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